FAQs about Buying & Selling Saddlebrooke Ranch Homes in Tucson AZ. The Nara Brown Team.

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#1 Buyers Agent for Saddlebrooke Ranch & Saddlebrooke.

When buying a new home in Saddlebrooke Ranch, Buyers want to explore all of their options to ensure they buy the home that best fits their lifestyle. We show our clients both New Homes from the Builder and existing resale homes in both Saddlebrooke Ranch & Saddlebrooke or any other resort style community in Tucson & Oro Valley AZ.

Do you have lots of questions about buying a home in Saddlebrooke Ranch? We can answer all your questions like:

What are the advantages of being Represented by a Realtor? Do you prefer to be a Client or Customer? What is the Diference?

We represent only your interest as our Client in the purchase of a new home while the Builder's sales person represents the Builder's interest, you are only a customer. Best of all, the Builder cannot charge more money for the home because you are represented by a Realtor.

Why you need to call the Nara Brown Team First.

Planning a Trip - Call us First! To preserve your right to be represented in the purchase of a new home, the Builder requires that you have your Realtor present with you on your first visit to the Sales Office at Saddlebrooke Ranch. We can help you get regisiered and make the most of your time during your visit.

Is a New Build or Resale home a better value?

Saddlebrooke Ranch resale homes often represent a better value than buying new. Let us show you some of the beautiful resale homes in Saddlebrooke Ranch.

Why do I need a Home Inspector for a Brand New Home?

Robson builds a quality home, but Buyers who "Trust but Verify" end up with the best built houses. There are two stages of development that a new home should be inspected. The first is at the framing stage. This inspection will catch construction issues that prevent problems that may take years to develop like leaking Roofs and windows. The second inspection is at the final walk through. The home inspector will do a thorough inspection to catch issues with the finish work. Tell Robson upfront that you plan on having a home inspection at these two phases of construction. We can recommend excellent licensed home inspectors that you can rely on.

Saddlebrooke Ranch or Saddlebrooke?

We will show all your options for buying a Brand New Home or a Resale home in both Saddlebrooke Ranch and Saddlebrooke so you can choose the best home for the value.

What New Home Upgrades increase future resale values?

Buyers often go crazy in the design center selecting every available upgrade imaginable and running up the cost of their new home. A few of these Buyers come to us a few years later to sell their home and are astounded that not every upgrade added to their home's current market value. Sometimes life changes so it never hurts to have an eye on future resale values.

What about Sun City Oro Valley,The Highlands or Del Webb at Dove Mountain?

We specialize in selling homes in retirement and resort communities in Oro Valley, the Catalina Foothills, Dove Mountain and of course Saddlebrooke & Saddlebrooke Ranch. Every community has advantages and disadvantages and we give you unbiased answers to you questions so that you make an informed purchase.

5 Reasons Catalina Foothills Home Buyers Choose the Nara Brown Team:

  1. Internet Search
  2. Home Search
  3. Home Pricing Expertise
  4. Unemotional Negotiations
  5. Home Inspections & Repair Requests

Finding the Perfect Home for your Lifestyle.

Most Saddlebrooke Ranch home buyers start their home search well in advance to their home buying trip. Make sure you are prepared by...

Internet Search

The Saddlebrooke Ranch home information on national real estate websites like Zillow & Trulia is often old, based on incorrect Pinal County records and simply not reliable. SoldSaddlebrooke.com is updated daily direct from the Tucson MLS database and we show only homes that are actively for sale. Before your trip we can set up a custom Saddlebrooke Ranch home search of available homes using your personal criteria. You will be the first to know about new listings that come on the market and you will be an expert on the Saddlebrooke Ranch home market before your house hunting trip.

Home Search

We have the experience that only comes with years of selling homes in the Saddlebrooke Ranch & Saddlerooke Communities. We will show you all the homes that you have selected from your custom home search and can recommend others that you may have missed based on our experience.

Saddlebrooke Ranch Home Pricing Expertise.
Don't Overpay for Your New Home.

Saddlebrooke Ranch home prices vary tremendously based on several factors. The four most important features that impact Saddlebrooke Ranch home values are:

Catalina Mountain Views.

Saddlebrooke Ranch homes with unobstructed Catalina Mountain Views garner a huge pricing premium. Many Saddlebrooke Ranch home buyers will not consider buying a home without mountain views.


In Saddlebrooke Ranch, homes that back to open space or the golf course have an added sense of privacy and sell for a premium.

Upgrades & Remodeling.

Is the home Builder Basic or Loaded with Upgrades. How much Value has the Owners Remodeling Projects added to the home?

Outdoor Living Space.

People move to Saddlebrooke Ranch to enjoy our amazing weather and they spend a lot of time outside. Outdoor living space is as important as the home’s interior. Extended Patios, Outdoor Fireplaces, Ramadas & Professional Landscaping add tremendous value to a Saddlebrooke Ranch home.

Before you make an offer on a Saddlebrooke Ranch home, we prepare a comprehensive home sales analysis for you using the criteria above so you are fully educated on Saddlebrooke Ranch home values. As an educated buyer, you can feel comfortable with your new purchase.

Unemotional Negotiations

Buying a new home is an emotional decision which can leave a new home buyer feeling vulnerable during negotiations. We will expertly guide you through the negotiations as your trusted advocate, a skill that only comes with our level of expertise.

Resale Home Inspections & Repair Requests

Certified Home Inspector.

A comprehensive inspection of the home and its mechanical systems.

Licensed Termite & Pest Professional.

Be sure your home is free of termites & pack rats.

Licensed Roofer.

Roof leaks are a major contributor to unseen home damage and mold issues. Be sure the roof on your new home is in sound condition.

Often, the touchiest part of the home purchase process is negotiating the repair request after all the home inspections are complete. The inspection of the home will reveal at least a few issues that are not obvious to the Buyer, even on a well maintained home. The inspection reports can be dozens of pages long and some problems are important and others aren't. We will sit down with you and go through the report item by item to determine which items are important to you and represent your best interests during this process.


Every Saddlebrooke Ranch Home Seller Dreams of Selling Their Home:

  • For the Most Money
  • In the Shortest Amount of Time
  • With the Least Amount of Hassle

4 Reasons Saddlebrooke Ranch Home Sellers Choose the Nara Brown Team:

  1. Photography
  2. Preparation
  3. Promotion
  4. Pricing

The Difference Between Pictures & Photography.

Professional Photography is one of the most important factors in realizing the Seller's dream. Home Buyers scour the web hunting for the home of their dreams. They use the photos of your home to determine which homes they schedule to see with their real estate agent and which homes do not make the cut. If the pictures of your home are not professional, you will not get a second chance to entice Buyers into viewing your home.

Any agent can snap pictures of your home using their iPhone. Photography takes a combination of equipment and skill that includes:

  • A Professional Digital SLR Camera
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lenses for Shooting Interior Spaces
  • Knowledge of Lighting Techniques
  • Knowledge How to Properly Frame a Shot
  • Professional Photo Editing Software & Skills
  • Optimizing Photos for Web & Print Media

The Key To Getting The Highest Possible Price.

The purpose of preparation is to make sure the Buyer feels comfortable in your home. Remember, Buyers come to find their new home, not visit yours. Simple things can make a big impact on Buyers including:

  • Declutter. Too Many Items Distract from the Home and Can Make It Feel Small or Cramped.
  • Depersonalize. Put Family Pictures Away so Buyers Can Envision Themselves Living in the Home.
  • Clean, Clean, Clean. Make Everything Sparkle.
  • Routine Maintence. Replace Burnt out Light Bulbs, Tighten Door Handles, Have Rugs Professional Cleaned, Etc.
  • Paint. If You Paint Is Looking Tired, Nothing Helps like a New Coat of Paint.
  • Landscaping. With Our Outdoor Lifestyle, Make Sure the Landscaping Is Fresh.

Overwhelmed? Don't be, we have a trusted team of contractors that can do it all for you including personal organizers, maid services, painters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, carpet cleaners and much more. Many of our clients are selling second homes from out-of-state or have inherited a Saddlebrooke Ranch home and don't have the time or the resources to do the work themselves. We have you covered.

Internet, Internet, Internet.

There is an old saying that the three most important things about real estate is Location, Location, Location. When it comes to promoting your home for sale the three most important things are Internet, Internet, Internet. We have Internet Marketing covered in 3 unique ways:

  1. SoldSaddlebrookeRanch.com & SoldSaddlebrooke.com - Making It Easy for Buyers to Find Your Home.
    • The Highest Used Saddlebrooke Ranch AZ Home Search Websites Nationally.
    • Your Home Is Featured on the Front Page of the Website.
    • Your Home at the Top of Search Results.
  2. Google, Yahoo & Bing - How Buyers Find Your Home.
    • We Invest Heavily in Target Marketing for Saddlebrooke Ranch on Google, Yahoo & Bing.
    • We Organically Show up on the Front Page of the Major Search Engine Websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  3. Custom Home Website - Showcasing Your Home.
    • We Develop a Custom Website Specifically for Your Home.
    • The Custom Website Includes a Video Tour, Photos & Detailed Listing Information.
    • The Web Address of Your Custom Website Is Placed on Your for Sale Sign & Full Color Brochure.
    • Here is an example:

We also prepare a Professionally Printed 4-Page Color Brochure featuring your home so Buyers have a way to remember your home. Since your custom website address is printed on the brochure, Buyers can check out your website when they get home following a busy day of looking at homes.

We, of course, do all the other standard marketing including:

Our internet marketing results in more Buyers looking at your listing which leads to more showings, a shorter selling period and a favorable sales price. We also sell a high percentage of our own listings because of our marketing.

What Is My Saddlebrooke Ranch Home Really Worth?

When pricing a home in the Saddlebrooke Ranch, Tucson AZ, several features must be considered including:

  • Views. Does the Home Have Unobstructed, Partial or No Catalina Mountain Views.
  • Privacy. Does the Home Back to Open Space or is on the Golf Course?.
  • Upgrades. Remodeled Kitchens, Updated Baths, Large Tile Flooring & New Carpet & Paint Add Value.
  • Landscaping. Extended Patios, Outdoor Kitchens & Mature Trees & Saguaros.

We will perform a detailed pricing analysis of your home and provide you all the information so you can make an informed decision on pricing your home.

We would be happy to represent you in the sale of your home and we will do everything in our power to sell your home.

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